Small and medium-sized mailings
All non-automatable mailings

Mailing in manual or automated processing

Our tailored work company (formerly called sheltered workshop) provides a complete postal mailing service, whether for administrative mail or promotional and advertising mail:

– Management of the address file
– Mailing and printing of addresses
– Manual enveloping with or without correlation
– Film wrapping
– Low-cost franking in Belgium (Mail-ID), abroad and BPack parcels
– Deposit of packaged items at the Masspost Centre (Brussels X)

For your information, addressing can be done on different media: letters, labels, envelopes, postal slips, which we can provide.


  • All non-automatable mailings (e.g. adding a gadget): small and large (150,000 copies)
  • Complex mailings with single/double/triple correlation
  • Small and medium-sized mailings (300 to 25,000 copies) that do not justify automation
  • Low postage rates thanks to our own agreement with Bpost and Mail-ID technology
  • Short delivery times

Personalization and addressing on envelope
Complex mailings with single/double/triple correlation
Small and medium-sized mailings
Low postage rates thanks to our own agreement with Bpost and Mail-ID technology

High volume mailings

Thanks to the size of our teams (60 people), we can offer a high level of reactivity even for large volumes and we regularly carry out the envelope stuffing for quantities of more than 100,000 copies. As a result, we constantly reallocate our teams according to your urgency because we know that the deadline is critical for your communications and for your customers.

Managing a complex mailing

Sometimes, certain mailings can be complex and require a high degree of personalisation by correlating the address of 2 or more elements. Our teams are well versed in this precision exercise, and we have developed an advanced control system to ensure that the correct address is correlated on all elements of the mailing.

Similarly, other mailings require significant handling, such as folding documents, assembling boxes, gluing samples and inserting a leaflet.
All these operations can be carried out in our workshops: see  packaging

Addressing on labels and gluing

Advantageous postage rates

We have negotiated advantageous postage rates with Bpost, which we apply to our customers.

Whether it’s a classic, administrative, or promotional mailing, a mailing of at least 500 copies to which we can apply the “mail ID” rate and the “Sequence Tour” sorting, a mailing abroad or the mailing of parcels via Bpack, we can offer you these conditions

RGPD compliance

We are RGPD compliant and will not keep any files beyond the time required for their use.

The various tasks offered by the mailing section:

Personalization and addressing on envelopes and, enveloping and filming, postal parcels…
Inkjet printing on envelopes (all formats) and postcards
Addressing on labels and gluing
– Personalization of letters
Folding of documents (mechanical or manual)
– Folding of documents and samples
Complex correlations
– Film wrapping of brochures, magazines, … (also with sample)
Packaging and processing of postal parcels
– Special formats, parcels
Sorting and postal deposits (Belgium and abroad)
– Postage at the best national and international postal rates