conditionnement et manutention entreprise de travail adapté Apam

Mission and values

APAM is an “ETA” (Entreprise de Travail Adapté – Tailored work company), formerly called “sheltered workshop”. Its mission is to provide a fulfilling job to 140 workers with disabilities, to provide them with a genuine integration in the world of work, a financial autonomy and an activity tailored to their capacities. These workers have a status of salaried workers.

APAM is a non-profit making organisation acknowledged and approved as ETA by the COCOF and assisted by a board of 11 directors, all volunteers.

APAM relies on the value of respect, individual development, initiative, mutual aid and customer satisfaction as the basis to succeed in its mission. All this with a touch of humour.

APAM’s social mission is being achieved through a variety of economic activities:

  • – Packaging
  • – Mailing
  • – Electrical and Mechanical Assembly
  • – Recycling
  • – Film wrapping
  • – Carpentry
  • – Services at the customer’s premises
  • – Gardening

More than 60 years of experience have resulted in a dynamic and professional company culture as well as efficient tools and working methods to serve all clients. Each worker is given a workstation adapted to his or her disability and receives personal development from his or her supervisor (monitor) as well as support from social workers.

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